University of Hamburg is offering doctoral fellowships to learn any of the courses offered by the university. International students can apply for these fellowships. The university provides modern educational and research environments that will enable students and researchers to face current challenges and to focus on knowledge as a principle driving force for development.

When enrolling at the University, all prospective students must submit proof of adequate German proficiency (language certificate) at the latest by the beginning of their first semester. Submission deadlines are 1 April for summer semester enrollment and 1 October for winter semester enrollment.

Eligible Countries: International students.
Study Programmes: Scholarships are available for pursuing doctoral research programme.
Study Location: Germany

Scholarship Requirements:
– You must have graduated with above-average grades and intend to pursue your doctoral project at Universität Hamburg.
– Do not apply for funding prior to having completed your master’s degree (or Magister).
– Applications without transcripts will not be considered at the time of the conference of the election committee ZANF (central committee for the promotion of young scientists), which usually confers in June/July for October and in January for April.
– Applications are open to all Hamburg students who meet the requirements. However, students of medicine (UKE) can only apply if their main topic for the doctoral study lies mainly within another faculty, such as medical psychology, pharmacy, biology, chemistry or physics.
– The standard procedure for students of medicine at the UKE is to write course-related doctoral theses.

Basic scholarship: Your university graduation should not date back more than one year. If your final exam is longer ago, chaces of receiving a scholarship are reduced. In special cases we may also consider applicants who graduated up to three years back (absolute max!), for instance, when family-related or health reasons have prevented you from continuing sooner.

Completion scholarship (alternative): You are a university graduate employed as a research associate at a University or research institution in Hamburg. Your employment period must not exceed 4 years (absolute max!).

Scholarship funding, generally granted for a year, should succeed employment immediately. Exceptions will be made for special cases. You may be allowed 4 years of employment plus 3 more years of work (absolute max!) if family-related reasons prevented you from continuing sooner.

Exclusion Clause
Funding cannot be granted if the applicant
– holds a doctorate
– receives or received funding for his doctoral project from a public or private source
– is still enrolled in a training or study course, e.g. teacher training course.
Note: Your University graduation ought not date back more than one year from the beginning of the funding period.

Scholarship Benefits:
– The monthly fellowship amount is EUR 1200. Parenting fellows may be eligible for an additional EUR 154 for childcare.
– Verification for the latter has to be provided by the applicant.

Scholarship Period:
– Fellowships are granted for one year.
– Stipends maybe extended for an additional year.
– Completion fellowships cannot be extended!

How To Apply:
Please use the forms under “Downloads” to apply; it is very important that you follow the above instructions on application procedure specifics.

– You can only apply for extensions of stipends during the application period.
– Your application must comprise a research report and two expert reviews.
– Applicants should not apply without having taken all their exams. One working day before the awarding conference of ZANF (central commission for the promotion of young scientists-usually in January and Juni/July) all grades have to be handed in latest for being considered for the scholarships.
– Applicants are responsible for the timely and complete submission of all requested documents! For formal reasons late applications will not be accepted. The date of online submission applies.
– Certificates and diplomas may be submitted within a one-week extended deadline – please enquire after the exact date!

If your spouse or husband is fully employed please inquire with the office about funding opportunities.

For more information to apply for the doctoral scholarship, visit the Official Website.

Application Deadline: 23rd of April, 2017. | You can apply in either April or October, funding will start six months later.