Andreu World launches its 17th annual International furniture Design Contest. The competition is open to both design students and to professionals, with no age limit. Participants are invited to submit new designs for a wooden chair and/or table. Registrations are open for 2017.


The following requirements from the contest briefing are relevant:

Seating: The main material used shall be Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut. Chairs may be upholstered to a greater or lesser extent, if considered appropriate and veneered board or plywood;
Tables: The main material used shall be Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut. Tables may be veneered board or plywood;
The use of other materials such as metals, plastics, glass, etc. is allowed when complementary, structural or incidental to the above;
All designs presented shall be new, not having been marketed or disclosed prior to the date of the Contest.

Location: Spain
Eligible Regions: Open for All


– The best design for 2017 will be awarded 3,000 Euro;
– The second best, with 1,000 Euro;
– A maximum of four (4) non-monetary prizes will also be announced.


– Possible innovative features related to design, quality, technology, production processes, etc. and in general anything that adds value to the presented project.
– Possible adaptation to the product philosophy of Andreu World, S.A.
– Production costs and/or recovery.


– Fulfillment of the functions for which it has been designed.
– All-round simple and viable mass production possibilities.
– Possible versatility and suitability for development in occasional pieces such as stools, easy chairs, sofas, etc. in the case of chairs, and of different sizes and heights in the case of tables.
– Suitability to numerous ambiences and uses such as the home, contract work, etc

How To Apply:
More than one entry is allowed per participant. Group submissions are also possible and permitted. The awards ceremony will be held in December 2017.

Please follow online application process. For more information about this contest, visit the Official Website.

Application Deadline: November 24, 2017